The Vision at Tabula Rasa is to discover the Effect of a “Clean Slate”. It is the invitation to harness the power of the true nature of your Being. When you are at Tabula Rasa possibilities are created. The choice of Tabula Rasa provides the opportunity to release the pain, discomfort, and stressors of modern day life through identifying with the physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual aspects of our lives through Integrative Body Therapy. When we unwind and unravel the world’s stress, we can choose to return to the perfect creation that God meant us to be. We can return to our “True North”. By stepping into this space, you’ve accepted the invitation to become aware of the powerful relationship between your environment, your mind, your physical body, and pure Spirit. Here, you are empowered to be Whole. " I retain that Spirit I Know in which I was created. " ~ monk